Integrity ,Professionalism ,Equity and Diversity ,Team spirit ,Creativity and innovation,Confidentiality ,Respect for human dignity.

To be the champion in transforming devolved public service delivery.


To effectively and efficiently transform public service delivery through provision of professional,ethical and responsive human resources for the realization of county development goals.

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County Public Service Board of Marsabit
The board was setup  June/July 2013  to take up its functions as articulated in the section 59 of the County Government Act.
The primary responbility of the County Public Service board  is build  strong county public service by attracting and developing human resources capacity and enhance Institutional capability for effectivesocial economic transformation at the grassroots.

County Public Service Board Members
The Board

Ambrose H.  Lochokwe ,
Chairperson  - Marsabit County Public Service Board

Rufo Wario ,
Vice-Chairperson -  County Public Service Board of Marsabit

Rufo joined County Public Service of Marsabit in July 2019 as Board member and subsequently appointed as Vice Chairperson of the Board. She chairs the Disciplinary and Welfare committee of the Board. She sit as committee member in Training and Development and HR&S. She is long serving educationist at teachers Service Commission (TSC) vast experience in administration and leadership.She holds Bachelor's Degree in Education from Egerton University and a holder of Diploma in Leadership management from Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI)

Dansoye Dulla
Board Member - County Public Service Board of Marsabit

Mrs Dansoye joined County Public Service Board of Marsabit as Board member in July 2019.She is a professional Nurse who has served diligently in various capacities in the County health department for 22
years. She holds BSC (Hons) in Health System Management and Diploma in Nursing. Dansoye holds certificates on various short courses in health, management andleadership including Senior Management Course (SMC) offered by Kenya School of Government. She is the chair of Training and DevelopmentCommittee of the Board and a member to HumanResource Recruitment and Selection, Discipline and Welfare and Performance Contracting committees.  Dansoye is family person who is married and blessed with four children.

Adan Mohammed,
Board Member - County Public Service Board of Marsabit

Mr. Adan Mohamed Ibrahim holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in human nutrition and dietetics (BSC-HND) from Kenya Methodist University and higher diploma in community health nursing (KRCHN) from Kenya Medical Training College(KMTC). He is young, visionary and highly motivated with excellent technical, communication and supervisory skills, he possesses 13 years' experience in the public service and more so in health related competences having worked in various health facilities in Marsabit county both in technical and management capacities, Mr. Adan has undergone a raft of training on management and leadership from Kenya school of government(KSG) and trainings on HIV and AIDS, psychosocial training, integrated management of childhood illness and many more trainings on health related fields, Mr. Adan is married with 6 children.

Halima Urgo
Board Member - County Public Service Board of Marsabit

A seasoned banker with vast experience in Operations, Customer Service Human Resources Management, Manpower Planning, Recruitment and selection Talent/Career Management, Occupations, Safety and health among others She holds Master of Science in Human Resource Management from JKUAT and a Bachelors of Business Administration (Human Resource & Entrepreneurship) from KEMU, Higher Diploma from IHRM. She holds CHRP -K from HRMPEB and full member of Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM). She has also attended courses in leadership, communication and customer services.She brings to the board a wealth of knowledge, skills expertise and experience in Human Resource Management and corporate governance from private sector. She has previously worked with National Bank of Kenya, Investment and Mortgage Bank

Board Member - County Public Service Board of Marsabit

Ag. Guyo Maicha
Board Secretary/CEO

Guyo joined the leadership of County Public Service Board of Marsabit in January 2016 as Principal Officer in charge of Administration.He came with a wealth of experience in Governance and administration from Non-Governmental organizations after working with international organizations for over five (5) years. He is careered, vibrant young man who holds BA (Hons) from Kenyatta University, pursuing MA in Public Administration and Management at Mt Kenya University (in its final phase), holds certificates on various short courses in management and leadership including Senior Management Course (SMC) offered by Kenya School of Government. He is a student member of Institute of Certified Secretaries (ICS) professional body in Kenya. During his four years (4) instincts at the Board, Guyo is very instrumental person who rose up his career to become Deputy Director of Ethics, Governance and Compliance before being appointed as the Head of Secretariat (HoS) by the Board and an Acting Board Secretary /CEO by H.E the Governor Marsabit County.

  • Inform and educate county public officers and the public about the values and principles.
  • Recommend to the county government effective measures to promotes  values and principles.
  • Assist county government in the formulation and implementation and programs intended to inculcate in public officers the duty to uphold the values and principles.
  • Advise the county government on their obligation under international treaties and conventions on good governance in the county public service.
  • Visit any county public office or body with a view to assessing and inspecting the status and compliance with the values and principles.
  • Investigate on its own initiative or upon a complaint made by any person or group of persons the violation of any values and principles.
  • Recommend to relevant lawful authority, any necessary action in view of the violation of the values and principles by any person or public body.
  • Cooperate with other institutions working in the field of good governance in the public service.
  • and Perform any other functions as the board considers necessary for the promotion of the values and principles.

  • Establish and abolish offices
  • Appoint persons to hold or act in office of Public County Offices
  • Exercise disciplinary control
  • Prepare regular reports for the County Assembly
  • Promote in the CPS the values and principles (articles 10 and 232 of the CoK 2010.)
  • Evaluate and report to the County Assembly
  • Facilitate the development of coherent, integrated Human Resource Planning and Budgeting for personnel emolument in the County.
  • Advice the County Government on HRM & D.
  • Advice the County Government on Performance Management System
  • Make recommendations to the salaries and remunerations Commission on behalf of the County Government, on the remuneration, pensions and gratuities for County Public Service employees.

The decisions of the County Public Service Board will be communicated through the Secretary, County Public Service Board.The Secretary, County Public Service Board will communicate to the county chief officer responsible for human resource who will in turn communicate to the affected officer.

Ambrose Lochokwe is highly seasoned administrator who has had sterling career in Public Administration spanning a total of eleven years of hands on field experience both with the national and county governments. Ambrose joined the then Provincial administration, currently National Government Administration in the year 2008 as a District Officer and quickly rose through the ranks to the position of Ag. Deputy County Commissioner (Ag. DCC) before joining the County Government of Marsabit as Sub County Administrator at the onset of devolution in2013. He served in this position in two sub counties of Marsabit county namely: Laisamis (February 2014 to October 2014 and November 2017 to June 2019) and Moyale (October 2014 to November 2017).He was appointed as the Chairperson of County Public Service Board by H.E the Governor in July 2019.

As chair to the County public service board, his duties include:
1. Preside over all meetings of the board.
2. Be the spokesperson of the board.
3. Supervise and direct the work of the board.

At the county public service board of Marsabit, Ambrose also doubles up as the chair of Ethics,Governance, Compliance and Audit and an ad hoc committee member to all other committees. Ambrose holds Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Linguistics from Moi University. He also has extensive management and leadership trainings from the then Kenya Institute of Administration(KIA) now Kenya School of Government (KSG) and other government recognized institutions. Certificates earned in these institutions include a Leadership Development Course at the Mt. Kenya School of Adventure and Leadership, paramilitary course at the Administration Police Senior Staff College (APSSC) and Senior Management Course (SMC) and Strategic Leadership Development(SLDP) Kenya School of Government.As Chairperson, Ambrose intends to steer the board in handling all human resource issues, rekindling his passion, competences, skills, and vast and rich experience in public administrationand strategic leadership provision sound human resource policies and framework formulation, implementation and direction geared towards effective, efficient, quality and productive services to the people of Marsabit county.