Integrity ,Professionalism ,Equity and Diversity ,Team spirit ,Creativity and innovation,Confidentiality ,Respect for human dignity.

To be the champion in transforming devolved public service delivery.


To effectively and efficiently transform public service delivery through provision of professional,ethical and responsive human resources for the realization of county development goals.

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County Public Service Board of Marsabit
The board was setup  June/July 2013  to take up its functions as articulated in the section 59 of the County Government Act.
The primary responbility of the County Public Service board  is build  strong county public service by attracting and developing human resources capacity and enhance Institutional capability for effectivesocial economic transformation at the grassroots.

The Board


The  Board recorded  significant milestones in the performance of its functions. These included development and issuance of various circulars; operationalization of County Human Resources Advisory Committee; undertaking of the induction for new staff.

The  Board extended technical assistance to and shared experiences with County Human Resources Advisory Committee and the executive in specific areas of human resource management. This enhanced quality of services, skills and capacities of the organizations in the discharge of their mandates.

The Board's achievements in the delivery of its mandate  were not without challenges, key among them being inadequate budgetary support for planned programmes and activities, and increased levels of litigation against the Board.

The Board's success in the delivery of its mandate during the year could not have been possible without the leadership and direction provided by the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson ,  and Board Members  . I therefore, wish to sincerely acknowledge their role in providing strategic direction to the Board and the county public service of Marsabit. I also wish to appreciate the commitment, dedication and hard work of the secretariat staff in facilitating the operations of the ..

God bless Marsabit County.

Mr. Guyo Malicha Ali
Ag. Board Secretary/CEO
  • Inform and educate county public officers and the public about the values and principles.
  • Recommend to the county government effective measures to promotes  values and principles.
  • Assist county government in the formulation and implementation and programs intended to inculcate in public officers the duty to uphold the values and principles.
  • Advise the county government on their obligation under international treaties and conventions on good governance in the county public service.
  • Visit any county public office or body with a view to assessing and inspecting the status and compliance with the values and principles.
  • Investigate on its own initiative or upon a complaint made by any person or group of persons the violation of any values and principles.
  • Recommend to relevant lawful authority, any necessary action in view of the violation of the values and principles by any person or public body.
  • Cooperate with other institutions working in the field of good governance in the public service.
  • and Perform any other functions as the board considers necessary for the promotion of the values and principles.