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The County Public Service Board of Marsabit wishes to recruit Qualified and competent people for the following positions as per the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County Government Act 2012 Sections 59(1) (a) and (b):

CPSB 01/25/06/2018:  Chairperson - County Executive Audit Committee      (1 Post)
In line with the provisions of Section 155(5) of the Public Finance Management Act 2012, Public Finance Management (County Government) Regulations 2015 Section 167 and Guidelines for Audit Committees in County Government Entities, June 2016.

Requirements for Appointment as Chairperson - Audit Committee
To be appointed as the Chairperson of the Audit Committee, one must have the following:
i.    A Degree from a recognized University
ii.   CPA (K) and a member in good standing
iii.   Knowledge and experience of not less than seven (7) years in Audit and/or Financial Management/Accounting
iv.   Knowledge and experience in Public Service/Devolved system of Government including operations, financial reporting and auditing
v.    Knowledge and experience in Risk Management
vi.   Be a person of integrity and in compliance with requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

CPSB 02/25/06/2018: Member - County Executive Audit Committee     (4 Post)

To be appointed as member of the Audit Committee, one must have the following:
i.    A Degree from a recognized University
ii.   Progressive working experience of not less than five (5) years
iii.   Be a member of a professional body and in good standing
iv.   Knowledge and experience in Public Service/Devolved system of Government including operations, financial reporting and auditing
v.    Be a person of integrity and in compliance with requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Terms of Appointment for the Chairperson and Members of County Executive Audit Committee      
i.    Members of the Audit Committee shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years on part time basis and shall be eligible for reappointment for a further one term only.
ii.   Despite the provision in (i) above, after the expiry of every term at least one third of the committee shall retire and shall not be eligible for reappointment.
iii.  The term is only extended after the performance of the Committee has been reviewed.
iv.   Applicants should not be past or present employees of the County Government and shall not have served as an employee or agent of a business organization which has carried out any business with the County Government.
v.    Applicants should not be political office holders.

CPSB 03/25/06/2018: Members - County Policing Authority (6 Posts)
The County Public Service Board of Marsabit wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the position(s) of County Policing Authority (6 Members) in accordance with the National Police Service Act, 2011 section 41(1)(e) and section 41 (2).

Applicants shall be persons ordinarily residents in the County and Members appointed shall serve for a term of two years and shall be eligible for reappointment for one further term.
Applicants shall be drawn from the following:
1. Business Sector
2. Community based Organizations
3. Women Organizations
4. Persons with Special Needs
5. Religious Organizations
6. Youth Organizations

Functions of the Authority shall be to-
a.  Develop proposals on priorities, objectives and targets for police performance in the county
b.  Monitor trends & patterns of crime in the county including those with specific impact on women and children;
c.  Promote community policing initiatives in the county;
d.  Monitor progress and achievement of set targets;
e.  Provide financial oversight of the budget of the county police;
f.   Provide feedback on the performance of the police service at the county level county police;
g.  Provide a platform through which the public participate on all the aspects to do with county policing and the national police service at county level;
h.  Facilitate public participation on county policing authority;
i.   Ensure policing accountability to the public;
j.   Receive reports from community policing forums and committee; and
k.  Ensure compliance with the national policing standards.

Requirement for Appointment
Applicants should meet the following qualifications: -

a)    Must have a minimum of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) C Plain or its equivalent
b)    Should not be a State or Public Officer
c)    Must be conversant with security issues in Marsabit County.
d)    Should have a good understanding of the National Policing Standards.
e)    Should be able to set priorities, monitor and evaluate performance.
f)    Should attach a letter of recommendation from their relevant organizations

CPSB 04/25/06/2018: County Enforcement Officers - Job Group D          (100 Posts)

Job Summary:
  • Identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining security processes, protocols and programs to reduce risk, respond to incidents, and limit exposure.
  • Overseeing the physical security and safety of County Government staff and assets.
  • Enforcement of county Legislation
Principal Responsibilities
  • The Officers shall be deployed to Urban Development directorate and will have the following responsibilities;
  • Enforcement of County Government laws
  • Guarding County Government Property
  • Detecting crime/ incidents
  • Reporting Security incidents/breaches
  • Carrying out investigations and making reports
  • Carrying out and reporting security risks.
  • Managing the operations of the contracted security service providers.
  • Managing access control systems and employee and Visitors' identification
Entry Requirements
All candidates will be expected to satisfy the following minimum requirements:
1.    KCSE mean grade  D+ or its equivalent or KCPE certificate with five years' work experience in Public Service set up
2.    Must be NYS Graduate and or Ex - military/security personnel with discharge certificate 
3.    Age: 18-30 years;
4.    Medical fitness;
5.    Good vision, hearing and physique;
6.    Pass in the aptitude test; and
7.    No previous criminal conviction or record.
8.    Must be a resident of the respective Sub-county

CPSB 05/25/06/2018: Fire Marshall III - Job Group D   (100 Posts)
This is the entry and training grade for Fire Marshall.
Principal Responsibilities
  1. Fighting fires,
  2. Rescuing people either from fires or from dangerous situations in case of emergency,
  3. Under close supervision of senior officer;
  4. Part of his stand-by time during each day shift is spent in drills and practice,
  5. Keeping the appliances in order and other duties about station
Entry Requirements
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination mean grade D+ or equivalent and relevant qualification from a recognized;
  • Have a valid Certificate of police clearance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.
  • Candidates must be aged 18-28 years
  • Candidates must meet the prescribed physical fitness criteria

CPSB 06/25/06/2018: Pharmaceutical Technologist III- Job Group H   (10 Posts)

Principal Responsibilities
  • Assist senior officers in the provision of pharmaceutical services;
  • Dispensing of drugs/medicines and counseling patients on drug usage in a unit pharmacy;
  • Maintain books/register of drugs;
  • Conducting stock take for drugs and medicine devices on monthly bases.
Entry Requirements
  • Be a Kenyan citizen,
  • Diploma in pharmacy awarded by the KMTC or from any other recognized institution,
  • A registration certificate on enrollment as a pharmaceutical technologist by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board as per provision of Pharmacy and Poisons Act.

CPSB 07/25/06/2018: Director Human Resources Management (1 Posts)    (Job Group R), ( TOS: P&P)

Principal Responsibilities:-
  • Spearhead the implementation of the human resource management and development policies, rules and regulations as issued by the County Public Service Board from time to time;
  • Advising the authorized officer on the exercise of delegated powers and ensuring that professional human resource management standards are maintained as required of them;
  • Advising the county departments on career and succession management, human resource planning and optimal utilization of human resources as well as seek any such approval from CPSB as required;
  • Assist the Directorate of PMS in the Coordination and in the implementation of performance management systems, including Performance Appraisal System and the rewards and sanctions framework;
  • Liaising with the County Public Service Board and County Departments on human resource matters;
  • Identifying, designing and overseeing the implementation of training programmes based on the needs of the County Public Service;
  • Interpreting labour laws, Regulations, Norms and Standards (guidelines/circulars and advisories) and other statutes that impact on the human resource at the departmental level;
  • Coordinating budget preparation for personnel emoluments;
  • Overseeing the development and maintenance of an up-to-date human resource development database;
  • Overseeing the budgeting, fair allocation and optimal utilization of training resources and opportunities
  • Regularly generate on timely basis a monthly Human Resources reports for the County Public Service Board on all aspects of HR in the County Public Service of Marsabit in line with the requirement of delegated instruments
Requirements for appointment: -
  • Bachelor's degree in any of the following fields: Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Human Resource Planning, Public Administration, Business Administration, Sociology, Political Science/Government or any other relevant qualification from a university recognized in Kenya;
  • Have relevant knowledge, experience and a distinguished career in matters of Human resource management and development of not less than ten (10) years, three (3) years of which should be at a senior managerial position in the public service or its equivalent in the private sector;
  • Master's degree in Human Resource/Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Public/Business Administration, Government or any other relevant qualification from a recognized institution; and Member of a relevant professional body;
  • Attended a management course lasting not less than four (4) weeks from a recognized institution;
  • Attended a strategic leadership development course lasting not less than six (6) weeks from a recognized institution;
  • Demonstrated a thorough understanding of National goals, policies and development objectives and ability to transform them into Human Resource Management and Development policies and programmes;
  • Demonstrated a thorough understanding of relevant legislation, best practices and emerging issues in Human Resource Management and Development.
  • Demonstrated a high degree of professional competence, administrative capabilities and initiative in the general organization and management of the human resource and a thorough understanding of the human resource issues and emerging human resource management practices/ techniques.

How to apply:
Interested and qualified persons are requested to visit our website and send their application together with detailed CV and copies of certificates and other testimonials to
Applicants must attach their curriculum vitae and certified copies of their academic and professional certificates, National Identity Card and certificate of police clearance from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations. In addition applicants must attach clearance/compliance certificates from Higher Education Loans Board,
Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Kenya Revenue Authority and Credit Reference Bureau.

Written applications should be sent to:

The Secretary/CEO,
County Public Service of Marsabit
Board P.O Box 110- 60500

Applications may also be hand delivered and dropped in the Job Applications box at the County Public Service Board Offices, Marsabit on or before Monday, 16th July, 2018.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, County Public Service Board of Marsabit is an Equal Opportunity Employer and selects candidates on merit through fair and open competition from the widest range of eligible candidates.
Qualified Youth, Women and Persons with Disability (PWD) and other disadvantaged persons are encouraged to apply.


Integrity ,Professionalism ,Equity and Diversity ,Team spirit ,Creativity and innovation,Confidentiality ,Respect for human dignity.

To be the champion in transforming devolved public service delivery.


To effectively and efficiently transform public service delivery through provision of professional,ethical and responsive human resources for the realization of county development goals.

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