To be the champion in transforming devolved public service delivery.
To effectively and efficiently transform public service delivery through provision of professional, ethical and responsive human resources for the realization of county development goals.

Integrity Adherence  to  impeccable  and  irreproachable  personal standards in the conduct of its affairs.      

Professionalism Undertakes duties with the highest regard for standards and values      

Equity and Diversity  Consistently  endeavor  to  build  an  equitable and  all  Inclusive public service work force.      

Team spirit  Persistently pursue a high degree of Co-operation and teamwork.

Creativity and innovation Incessantly apply new ideas, methods and technology in the discharge of our mandate. 

Confidentiality Maintain data and information confidentiality at all time.

Respect for human dignity Believe in the innate right to be valued, respected, and to receive ethical treatment.

About CPSB

The Public Service board of Marsabit was set up on 26th June 2013 with the mandates as outlined in the county government section 59. The Constitution allows the board to delegate in writing, with or without conditions, any of its functions and powers to any one or more of its members, or to any officer, body or authority in the public service. The county government act, 2012 prescribes the manner in which the board should fulfill its mandate. The Act also accords the board powers to make regulations for the better carrying out of its functions. The Public Officer Ethics Act 2003 bestows on the board responsibilities relating to the setting and enforcement of ethical standards in the Public Service. It is in the view of the above and in pursuant to Section 59 (1)(f) of CGA, The County Public Service Board shall be, on behalf of the Count Government evaluate and report to the county assembly on the extent to which the values and principles referred to in articles 10 and 232 are complied with within the county public service. The requirements for the reports are found in the CGA Section 59 (5) (a-f) and (6) of the County Governments Act 2012..